Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, all events for the 2020 fiscal year has been promptly canceled and/or moved to a later date of next year, 2021. Events such as our Prom Giveaway Popup Shop, 3rd Annual Back To School Drive, and Christmas Party has all been canceled. If you have contributed at any capacity towards one of these events, please contact our team at to see how you can receive your contribution back, if required. 

Event though we have endured some stressful and hard times lately, We Aim Higher is still working to support our community in these times of need. We actively working with local companies and businesses to support our communities in need at this time. To see our upcoming events to combat COVID-19, visit our Events page to see how you can participate and contribute. 

We are still active on all of our social media accounts, posting weekly with updates and post related to current events and upcoming events. Follow us on Instagram to stay tuned with whats doing on today, @weaimhigher.


We Aim Higher Non-Profit Organization Inc. is a charitable organization under the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Founded in the year of 2018, the founder Symone Stokes had a passion and a dream to provide to the community she lives in. Giving back to the community with the tools they need to succeed. It was this very ambition that led Symone to start a non-profit organization. It is We Aim Higher's purpose to-- READ MORE IN OUR ABOUT PAGE!

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